Entry #1

Long time no see

2016-10-25 03:40:48 by krisoll

Hey newgrounds, long time since i've been here. Today i felt like returning to newgroudns and since i learned how to craft some music myself(instead of just videogames) i decided to give newgroudns a spin again. So i will be posting my music here regularly from my current project Baron Galaxy.(Well some of it since it's a commercial project). Anyways, if you are reading this, then that means we are friends or you are really lost here since i dont have followers, heheheh, anyways.

Thanks for reading!


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2016-10-25 10:52:20

Welcome back!

krisoll responds:

Many Thanks!


2016-10-27 09:54:55

How have you been?

krisoll responds:

Pretty good and you??


2016-10-27 19:03:24

A little stressed but still fine,thanks!Do you have any plans for this Halloween?

krisoll responds:

Participating on a gamejam here on my country


2016-10-29 00:16:11

That's cool and I hope you have fun!